Lipgloss This week I’ve been trying out Flash Lips Lipgloss by Liperazzi, the packaging of which won me over right away, because:

1. I’m a sucker for packaging

2. The gloss has a mirror on the side of it – no need to cart around lipgloss and a mirror

3. It lights up when you press the button on the cap. Now, I don’t necessarily recommend trying to apply any kind of makeup in the dark, but it’s pretty cool to play with, and yes, I have been playing with it a lot.

4. It has a charm hanging off the tube. I like charms.

5. Oh, and it’s a pretty nice gloss, too.

Of course, it’s number 5 that’s the most important part. I tried this in "millionaire" (the colour shown in the picture), which I was convinced would be way too pink for me, but which actually goes on more or less translucent. The gloss smells delicious, with a little bit of vanilla, and it also contains Jojoba oil, so it won’t dry your lips out, either, but will just make them nice and shiny (and rather tasty smelling, too). I like.

Buy: Flash Lips lipgloss, £7.99

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