This weekend, Terry and I went to a wedding:

This is what I have to deal with all the time. Although, given that he has to put up with me basically growing out of his back, I guess he has good reason to drink… Actually, Terry was the designated driver for the day, so that’s someone else’s drink he’s holding. No, I have no idea whose. NEVER PICK UP STRANGE DRINKS, kids, no matter how inviting they look. Lookit what happens to you!

Anyway, a good time was had by all, even although it did make me sad to think that it’s now just under a year since our wedding, and unless I divorce Terry and re-marry, I will never again get to dress like a princess for the day. Other than in the privacy of my own home, obviously.

There is, however, one thought that’s keeping me going throughout this long winter that doesn’t have a wedding at the end of it for me to look forward to, and it is this: WE ARE GOING TO FLORIDA IN JUNE.  Yay! Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking our plane is totally going to crash, and that we will all DIE I’m going to Florida for my own, selfish reasons, which will probably involve buying a lot of shoes and shopping at Sephora. Well you are WRONG. Well, I mean, I WILL probably buy shoes, and I will definitely do a lot of shopping at Sephora, but I am actually going to the Sunshine State for the purely altruistic reason of helping to re-invigorate the American economy by injecting cash into it. DON’T WORRY, AMERICA – I’M COMING. If you could just have Bloomingdales gift-wrapped for me, that would be great, thanks.

So, yes, we’re off on June 2nd, and it can’t come soon enough for me because ohmygod, are we all agreed that this winter needs to just END, already? Naturally, the nightmares about the flight have already started, with last night’s extravaganza involving us all flying to Florida in a four-seater plane. And I mean, there are four of us going, so WHO WAS DRIVING? Scary stuff. Note to self: get Valium this time…

  1. Valium’s crap for flying, get lorazepam. Not only do they work, they’re a very fetching bright pink colour. Plus, if you take them, then have say three Baileys on the plane (totally hypothetical situation, of course), you pass out and dream that you’re dancing ballet in the Heathrow terminal. Probably.

    < / Chemist Toni >

  2. As i suggested to Rubin in the lj, there are other states here besides Florida. Forty-nine of them in fact. Yes, some of them are crap and not worth your time, but the one i live in is pretty nice (This is what other people think too – it's very easy to find a British accent around here). And with your strong Pound, it's only a cheap weekend away.

  3. YEAH for Florida! I just adore that place. (Well, not ALL of it, because I'm sure there are lots of sketchy places in Florida, just like most states in the U.S. I saw a couple of sketchy places while out for a drive one day on our trip. Can you say ghetto?!)

  4. Oh, I wish I could go on holiday. Barring a brief trip to Wales, I have never been outside of Cornwall in my entire life. I want to be somewhere waaaaarm.

    Winter must end. Now. A few days ago I was forced to go outside in horizontal rain. Rain should not go sideways.

  5. Oh hooray for Florida! I'm heading in that direction this summer as well. More specifically the area of Florida inhabited by a large talking mouse and his various hangers on. It should be interesting–or at least warm and sunny.

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