One year ago today…


Oh how the time flies.

Of course, this picture was taken in the evening, so one year ago THIS MINUTE I was actually rushing around my parents’ house wearing an oddly baggy shirt belonging to my mother and wondering if my new Benefit concealer would cover the aftermath of the red weals well enough for Terry not to run screaming from the alter at the sight of me.

It was such a great day, though, and I just wish I could do it all over again, red weals, baggy shirt and all. I’m actually feeling a little melancholy today to think that one year has gone by so fast, and never again will I get to be The Bride. Unless, of course, Terry and I get divorced and someone else in the world is mad enough to marry me. (Sawyer-from-Lost: Call me!) If time keeps on flying by at this rate, though, I’m going to be a pensioner before I know it. I wonder if my arm will have stopped hurting from Body Pump by then?

We do get to have a tiny little taste of the wedding tonight, mind you, when we’re going back to our venue for dinner. I wonder if I could get away with wearing my dress?


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