I love getting comments at my various blogs, and I love leaving comments at other people’s. But the fine art of blog commenting has given rise to a few Pet Peeves. OK, more than a few Pet Peeves…

I hate:

1. Comments that begin with the phrase “too bad” – as in “Too bad this post sucks”. It always strikes me as a particularly snarky way of saying “I’m about to put you down in a really snooty and superior way”.

2. Comments that end with the phrase, “Just sayin’” i.e. “Isn’t that a typo in the second paragraph? Just sayin’”.

3. People who leave comments pointing out typos and spelling errors, again in that overly superior way. Sometimes this fault can be aggregated by turning it into: “Too bad you made a spelling error in the second paragraph. Just sayin’”

4. People who observe a typo and go through a stupid pantomime of pretending not to know what you mean because of it. “A clique? Oh, do you mean ‘a cliché’? Ah, I get it now!” So I always spell “cliché” wrong. So what? At least I don’t spend my time pointing out people’s spelling mistakes on the Internet.

5.  Use of the phrase “If you had done your HOMEWORK you would know…”especially when I DID do my homework, and I DO know…

6. Comments which start with the phrase, “I don’t mean to be harsh, but…” This basically means, “I DO mean to be harsh, but I’d like to pretend to myself that I’m a nice person, so I’m pre-empting my bitchy comment with a disclaimer.”

7. People who have Blogger blogs that are set to only allow comments from other people with Blogger accounts. Discrimination!

8. Commentors who call me “fat” or “ugly” just because they don’t share my opinion on something. “The only reason you don’t like this dress is because you’re too fat to wear it!” Truly, the Internet is just one massive high school sometimes.

9. Commentors who demand my death. “You deserve to be shot in the head for liking this handbag.” True story. I wish I was joking.

10Getting no comments. At all. Ever. That sucks more than all the rest. (Except the “death” one, obviously. Nothing sucks more than people wanting you dead…)

What are your pet peeves about blog comments?


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