This amount of candles HAS to be a fire hazard…

It’s my birthday today. I mean, I actually celebrated my birthday on Saturday, which was the only time I was able to fit it into my hectic schedule, but as today is the actual day, I guess it’s only appropriate to mention that I AM THE BIRTHDAY GIRL. Yay, me! No, I STILL did not get a pony. Jesus.

I celebrated by running on the treadmill at the gym for 49 straight minutes last night. Forty. Nine. Minutes. Clearly I was aiming for a perfect 50, but at 49 minutes and two seconds my body suddenly piped up and told me that if I didn’t stop running RIGHT NOW, it had ways to make me. Those ways included blisters on both my feet, my life flashing before my eyes, and me still not being able to walk properly today. Happy birthday to me! So near but yet so far. Story of my life!

Still, 49 minutes. Am old, but not yet finished…

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    Happy Birthday! And congrats on the 49 minutes. I get too bored to run anymore, so I can feel you there. Hope your feet feel better! :)

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    Happy Birthday!

  • Reply March 10, 2008


    Wishing you a very happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy your day and thanks for the time and work you sacrifice to bring smiles to our faces! Best wishes from Germany :)

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Go buy lots of shoes :)

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    I offered to give her a fireman's lift up the stairs but she refused!

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    Happy birthday! Have a fab day and stay away from the gym today. No one needs that on their birthday.

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    Happy Birthday!! Also, you are my hero for having run (ran?) for that long. I'm not sure I could do that if I was being chased with an axe through the woods by a crazy person.

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    HAPPY HAPPY Birthday! Have a FABULOUS day! I hope you got to sleep in this morning. My B-Day is on Saturday – good LORD I'm getting old! (But all the best people have March birthdays.)

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    Adorable Pancreas

    Happy Birthday! I hope you get lots of new shoes. :)

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    Happy Birthday Amber! And congrats on the 49 minutes… you beat my personal record by… ooh… 46 and a half minutes!

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    Happy birthday to you! And 49 minutes is quite the accomplishment, and for some reason sounds longer and more impressive than fifty. I think because you have to say two numbers…

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    Happy Birthday, and well done on all those minutes! :) xx

  • Reply March 10, 2008

    The Casual Perfectio

    Happy Birthday!!

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    Happy birthday! Better luck with the pony next year…

  • Reply March 12, 2008

    Richard Gillin

    Ooops, late – that's what you get for not logging on at home for a couplea days. Glad you had a good one – and belated many happy returns!

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