Pet Peeves: ‘Ima’

No, it’s not a hybrid car, it’s a hybrid word - and I hate it.

Ima go to the store now,” for instance, means, “I’m going to go to the store now.”

“Ima have lunch,” means “I’m going to have lunch.”

And “Ima lazy so-and-so who can’t be bothered writing out the words ‘going to,'” means… well, you can probably work that one out for yourself.

“Ima” crops up more and more often these days in the language of people who think they are “being cute” by turning four words into one. These are, without a doubt, the same people who use the word “prolly” and think that “ppl” is an acceptable way to write “people”, even in a business email.

Granted, the use of ‘Ima’ does conjure up a certain type of dialect, and may be useful to fiction writers who want to make their characters sound a bit more “real”, but in everyday writing? No. Please, no. Make it stop, someone?


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