This isn’t so much an example of “bad” PR as it is “lazy PR” – and ‘lazy blogger syndrome” too, if I’m completely honest.

Over the last couple of months, our beauty blog,Hey, Dollface, has been going through a bit of a growth spurt, and this has led to an increasing number of enquiries from PRs, all of whom are keen to have their products featured on the site.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m happy to hear from these people. We’re always looking for new products to feature, and I have to say, the beauty PR industry are very on the ball when it comes to dealing with bloggers. They seemed to realise very early on that a mention on a popular blog could really benefit them in terms of selling products, and so they’ve been much quicker to reach out to bloggers than many other industries.

But they don’t always seem to bother to actually look at the blog before sending their enquiry.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had innumerable emails from PRs, all asking for the address to send product samples too. I wouldn’t mind this either, if it wasn’t for the fact that the address is on the blog, under the “About/Contact” section. That’s the section they have to go to in order to get my email address, incidentally. Our postal address is above our email address on the page, so these PRs are actually scrolling past the information they need in order to find our email address, which they then use to ask us for our address.

If this only happened once or twice it wouldn’t matter, but I seem to have spent a large part of the last two weeks interrupting my work in order to type out my address and, to be perfectly honest, it’s getting old.

In order to try and streamline the process, I’ve taken to just using a stock email (Which contains a link to the ‘Contact’ page), but I’m still having to take time out to read the PR emails and reply to them. It may sound like a small thing to complain about and, indeed, in the great scheme of things, it is, but the fact is that dealing with email can be a huge time drain, especially for bloggers, who tend to get a huge amount of the stuff.

This week I’ve also had a lot of very basic questions from PRs which they would have been able to answer from themselves if they’d spent just a few seconds on the site – much less time than it takes to find my email address, send me an email and wait for me to respond.

So, pretty please, PR people: we love you, but is it too much to ask that you take a very quick look at the blog or website you’re pitching to before dashing off an email asking for information that’s right there in front of you?


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