Nivea_my_silhouette It’s actually going to be pretty tricky to provide an accurate review of NIVEA’s new My Silhouette! gel, which claims to help you lose up to three inches on the areas you apply it to (Bums, legs and tums, basically), because I’m currently trying to up my exercise regime in order to get in shape for my holiday, so it’ll be hard to know whether any results come from the gel or the gym!

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, though: I measured my thighs this morning (The things I do for this blog!) and will aim to apply My Silhouette! to them morning and night for the next month, and let you know how I get on with it.

So far, the first surprise is the colour: My Silhouette! is a vivid green, which I totally wasn’t expecting when it came out of the tube. That aside, it has a fresh, fruity smell (I may be going mad, but it reminds me of a perfume, although I can’t put my finger on which one!) which is nice and invigorating to use in the morning, and it absorbs quickly into the skin. Will it give me thinner, smoother thighs, though? I guess I’m about to find out…

(Remember, you can try out My Silhouette! for yourself by visiting the NIVEA blog and requesting a sample…)

  1. I have been doing lunches and squats in a workout routine for the past month along with Apple Cider capsules and this gel thingee and I’ve lost 2 inches off my thighs and my stomach has become much flatter – my skin also feels more elastic and there’s less noticeable cellulite. It’s a great product.

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