Eye_makeup_remover Given that some people actually use Johnson’s famous Baby Oil as an eye makeup remover, I guess it was only to be expected that the brand would release the real thing. They did that with their 3in1 Eye Makeup Remover Pads, and now they’ve done it again with this 3in1 Eye Makeup Remover lotion.

Now, I always wear waterproof mascara, so any eye makeup remover I use has to be a good one to get rid of it without forcing me to scrub at my eyes – never a good thing. Happily, Johnson’s 3in1 does exactly what it says on the tin bottle: "Gently removes even waterproof mascara."

This is a double layered formula, so you need to give it a quick shake before use to separate the two layers and then apply with a cotton wool pad: my waterproof mascara came off quickly and easily, in just a few seconds, and I didn’t have to rub hard at my eyes to get rid of it.

As Johnson’s made their name making baby products, they’ve also developed a reputation for products which are gentle and don’t irritate the skin, and this certainly delivers on that count too: while this isn’t oily, like the Baby Lotion, you can tell that it contains moisturisers, so it doesn’t leave the skin around the eye feeling dry or sore. 

As for the other two selling points (Well, it is called ‘3in1’), this formula will also condition your eyelashes and care for the delicate eye area. I’ve used it a couple of times, and can’t say I’ve noticed any difference in the condition of my eyelashes, but it is gentle and mild, and a good buy at just £2.99.

  1. I tried this product not that long ago..
    I dont wear alot of eye makeup, but on its removal my eyelids began to sting.. after less than a week i stopped using the product as it caused dry skin to form.. 🙁
    Returned to Loreal makeup removal… Problem solved

  2. I’m with Ruth, I bought this a few months ago and after a bit my eyelids started to sting like hell!
    I use L’oreals De-Maq milk stuff now. Gentlest eye make-up remover I’ve ever used.

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