Hand_cream Now, Marks  Spencer isn’t usually the first place I think of when I’m buying cosmetics and skincare, and it has to be said that there’s something just a little bit "Little Old Lady-ish" about the appearance of this Magnolia hand cream. But there’s a tube of it sitting in front of me as I type this, and it suddenly occurred to me that I’ve been using it for weeks now and haven’t given it a review, so here it is…

As you’d expect from a product from ‘The Floral Collection’, this hand cream smells… floral. It smells very floral, in fact, and I suspect it may be a little too cloying for some of you as it’s pretty strong and lingering. With that said, the scent is a fairly pleasant one, and if you like it, you’ll probably find its strength a major plus point.

For me, the biggest plus point of this cream, though, is how easily absorbed it is. I hate using hand cream, and I tend to avoid using it most of the time, purely because there’s just never really a time when I’m able to sit around for twenty minutes not touching anything while I wait for the cream to absorb.

This one, though, absorbs in just a couple of minutes if you rub it in properly, and will leave your hands feeling nice and soft – albeit rather strongly scented. For only £2 a tube, I think it’s a pretty good deal – but only if you like the scent of flowers!

Buy: The Floral Collection Magnolia Moisturising Hand & Nail Cream, £2

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