House project: going suspiciously smoothly

Now, I realise I’ve probably just jinxed not only our current "redecorating the house/making our lives temporarily unbearable" project, but all of the future ones we embark upon too, with the use of the above headline, but seriously, we’re good. So far. I mean, I realise most of you probably expected Terry and I to drop through the floor, or blow the roof off or something like that in our continuing quest to own a House that Doesn’t Suck, but really, we’re totally blase about this now. It’s like, "Kitchen sink in the living room? What kitchen sink in the livingroom? Be careful you don’t trip over the cooker in the hall on your way out, now!"

That’s not to say that the kitchen sink ISN’T still in the livingroom, obviously, because, well, it is. And the cooker, actually. But the upper level of the house now has a complete set of new floors, and we didn’t even break anything to get them:


I’m now pretty much living upstairs full time, like some kind of mad old hermit lady, venturing downstairs only to watch Neighbours and go to the gym, and actually, not really to go to the gym because… meh. After that whole "running for 49 minutes and then almost dying" stunt, I kinda lost my mojo a bit. OK, a lot. There’s only so much time you can spend running on the spot before you suddenly realise that hey, this is actually pretty damn boring, and it would appear that, for me, that time was 49 minutes. And two seconds. 

Anyway, Terry is downstairs banging at the kitchen ceiling with one of my old hairbrushes (I wish I was joking about that, but I’m not) so I must go and investigate. Wish me luck…