Sweetie_pie I actually bought this for my husband, because he loves unusual bath products, especially if they come from LUSH Cosmetics, but who could blame me for occasionally stealing a little bit for myself every now and again?

Actually, it’s pretty hard to resist helping myself to some Sweetie Pie because this stuff is gorgeous: Lush say it smells like "Donuts and cherry muffins", and while I can’t identify the scent quite that specifically, I will agree that it smells totally sweet and very edible.

This is a bath jelly, which might make you think that it’s just going to disintegrate on contact with water, but Lush jellies are made of sterner stuff than that, and it will stand firm while you use it in exactly the same way you’d use a soap. A little goes a long way with this, too, so you simply break off a little bit, use it and revel in the gorgeous scent.

The scent, of course, is the major attraction with this; as well as being sweet, it’s also very long lasting, which means that I’m instantly caught out every time I try to steal it because my husband can smell it on me as soon as I come near him, and it’ll also leave your bathroom smelling sweet, too. Lovely.

Buy: Sweetie Pie shower jelly, $13, LUSH Cosmetics

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