Max_factor_lasting_finish_f I normally buy high-end foundation, and don’t have any Max Factor products in my collection at all at the moment, so I wasn’t sure what to expect of Max Factor’s Lasting Performance Foundation, even although I’d read some good reviews of it. A drugstore brand foundation that’s as good as a high-end product? Surely it could not be, I thought, but actually, I was very pleasantly surprised when this arrived.

This is called Lasting Finish for a reason: its a foundation that gives good, fairly thick coverage and the claim is that it will stay put for at least eight hours. Actually, it lasts for longer than that, which is a very good thing because personally I don’t think eight hours is a particularly long time, and I’d expect my foundation to stay put for longer than that.

This one does, luckily, and looks good while it’s doing it, too. The coverage is thick, but the liquid is creamy, so it seems to sink into the skin. Most importantly, for me at least, it’s creamy enough not to cling to any dry bits – my under eye area remains on the dry side despite my best efforts to fix this, and many foundations will just cling to that dryness, making my eyes look flaky and patchy – nice! Lasting Performance doesn’t do that, and also gives good coverage to the dark shadows under my eyes. My shadows are dark enough to require some Touche Eclat over the top, but I think the coverage of this foundation is good enough that some people will probably be able to get away with the foundation on its own.

Application is fairly easy, although the liquid is thicker than many foundations, and requires some blending. Despite being thick, I don’t find it at all greasy, and the finish is natural and matt: I needed a dusting of powder of my forehead, which is prone to shine, but am able to do without on the rest of my face. 

Overall, a good, not too expensive foundation, and actually, I can’t think of anything I didn’t like about it, which means I’m going to have to give it…

Score: 4/5

Buy: Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation

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