In slightly happier news after yesterday’s whine-fest, my car has passed its MOT today. Yay! Party for Amber’s car! Hooray for that lean, green machine, which would, quite frankly, have had a bit of a cheek to have expected me to spend any more money on it this year, especially mere weeks before I fly to Florida to buy up Sephora relax.

Now, with the money I thought I’d be spending on a new combobulator or flux capacitor or something, should I:

A. Buy this dress –


B.  Buy this dress:


C: Buy this dress:


D: Order all three dresses, try them on in the privacy of own home and then send two back. Or, you know. one back. Maybe.


E: Not buy any dresses. Slap self with a wet fish instead, because, seriously, when will I realise that I DO NOT EVER WEAR DRESSES. Or, indeed, go anywhere that would require me to wear a dress. I wear skinny jeans and vest tops every day, and hell, that’s probably not going to change any time soon.

Buy I would really like to wear more dresses. Like, around the house or something.

Your assistance on this matter would be appreciated…

  1. I'd go with Option F: Don't buy any of these dresses. Suspend all dress-buying activities until you make it on to American soil, and then buy up Anthropologie instead! It would be rude not to given the exchange rate…and even better, you'll actually get to wear the dresses without the constant threat of our bizarre Scottish weather system!

  2. Ugh, I am not much help on this, as I also have this thing wherein I think I need to buy dresses even though I never wear them. I see an adorable dress and think, 'I'll totally wear that.' And then…I only wear jeans and a t-shirt. But you know, someday we'll wear a dress, and on that day, we'll look fabulous and be glad we bought them. Also: I do occasionally put on a fancy dress and traipse around the house in it.

    Sephora and Anthropologie: *swoon*

  3. I'd buy C, which I would also probable never wear, what with the 'riding of the motorcycle to work' and everything. I am also quite fond of Laura's idea and the shopping.

  4. Weirldy, I haven't seen anything in Anthropologie that's grabbed me for ages now, so option F is out, I'm afraid. But I think I'm going to go with the wet fish option after all…

  5. Orla, you are my hero 🙂

    Now, I'm going to require pictures – or at least a description of what it's like in the flesh! (Or "in the fabric", rather…)

    Now I really want it again, after convincing myself I totally can't afford any of them…

  6. I'm going to be totally unhelpful and say B because I think the collar is adorable. If I were to put my sensible hat on, I would say not to buy any of the dresses and save the money for a rainy day, but given that I always buy dresses that I never wear, that would be embarassingly hypocritical of me.

  7. haha thanks Amber! I'll give you a full update, although I'm secretly hoping it doesn't fit especially well so that I won't feel so guilty. Then the rest of me is planning loads of ways to wear it.

    In my defence, I am almost constantly in dresses… I'm wearing one right now in fact!

    Sorry for causing you increased pains. (although I think I've got a disease, I saw some Alexander McQ shoes today and aactually got a pang of desire.)

  8. I'd say buy A or C, as I don't like B.
    However, if you don't wear dresses much, A might be a safer bet, as it is summerier, and non-dress-wearers tend to be converted in summer.
    Although C would be a great work dress…

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