MOT DAY: Survived! Now, what to buy…

In slightly happier news after yesterday’s whine-fest, my car has passed its MOT today. Yay! Party for Amber’s car! Hooray for that lean, green machine, which would, quite frankly, have had a bit of a cheek to have expected me to spend any more money on it this year, especially mere weeks before I fly to Florida to buy up Sephora relax.

Now, with the money I thought I’d be spending on a new combobulator or flux capacitor or something, should I:

A. Buy this dress –


B.  Buy this dress:


C: Buy this dress:


D: Order all three dresses, try them on in the privacy of own home and then send two back. Or, you know. one back. Maybe.


E: Not buy any dresses. Slap self with a wet fish instead, because, seriously, when will I realise that I DO NOT EVER WEAR DRESSES. Or, indeed, go anywhere that would require me to wear a dress. I wear skinny jeans and vest tops every day, and hell, that’s probably not going to change any time soon.

Buy I would really like to wear more dresses. Like, around the house or something.

Your assistance on this matter would be appreciated…