I really thought the whole kitchen situation couldn’t get any worse. "It totally can’t get any worse," said Terry, cheerfully wrenching a cabinet off the wall with his bare hands. And I believed him. Then last night I went downstairs and found this:


Which, really? Is WORSE.

And then there’s this:



On the plus side, the whole no kitchen = no food thing means that a Chinese takeaway is on its way to us right now.  Even so: WORSE.

  1. The past eight years of my life have seen many photos of my own home just like these. Hang in there!

    Also, your puppeh is adorable!

  2. well, at least you have a ready made venue for ceilingcat, and that will keep the Rubin entertained for sure !
    Good luck……..

  3. Our kitchen gets started tomorrow – I'll send you some photos, just to make you feel better. Or, y'know, at least not so alone in all this chaos….

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