Redken_shampoo As always, I was skeptical about reviewing a new shampoo, because, as I’ve mentioned here before, I rarely notice much of a difference between them. I swear I have some kind of shampoo dyslexia or something.

Not this time, though. Redken’s All Soft, as the name suggests, is supposed to leave your hair feeling… well, soft.  And guess what? It does!

A small blob of this is enough to work up a pretty good lather, and although the first time I used it I felt that my hair was left feeling a little limp, subsequent uses have changed that opinion, and I’m now finding my hair to be softer, and easier to manage than it has been of late. It’s formulated for very dry/brittle hair, which mine certainly is at the moment, and it nourishes as well as cleaning, so it’s not as harsh as some shampoos. 

This is a very moisturizing formula. I haven’t yet tried it without a conditioner for afters, purely because I have a conditioner habit that makes me slick the stuff on in the shower without even thinking about it, but I actually think this shampoo could be enough on its own, and I’ll be trying that out shortly.

Redken isn’t the cheapest shampoo in the world, and it’ll cost you about £9 in the UK, but so far I’ve been liking it enough to find it worth the money. Anyone else use this?

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  1. I use the this shampoo and conditioner about twice a week. I’m big into not using the same shampoo everyday. I find a little of the conditioner goes a long way. And even though I’m a faithful conditioner user, I find I sometimes skip this step all together. The shampoo alone make my hair really soft and silky.

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