(A guest review by Norma of Keeping it Realtor)

My daughter introduced me to YSL Touche Eclat. Honestly, if somebody shouted "fire" she’d grab the Touche Eclat and her mascara and then head for the door. I had never tried it but last year in the duty free shop at the airport they had a special offer of a pack of two for practically no money. Well my husband paid, so for us, it was literally, no money. Anyway, I used it for a while and I loved the effect but unfortunately the skin under my eyes started to go really dry and I had to stop using it. My loss, daughter’s gain! Since then I’ve hunted for a concealer that can erase dark circles under the eyes and give the same lightening effect of the Touche Eclat but without the dryness, and I think I’ve found it.

It’s a concealer pen from the Lacura Beauty range at Aldi and it gives me the same coverage and brightness that I had with the Touche Eclat. I have been using this product for months now with no dryness under the eye and quite honestly I couldn’t be without it. At only £3.49 for this little silver tube of brightness you really ought to give it a try. While you’re at it you might want to try the Lacura Lipliner it’s another little gem. Sorry I don’t have a price on this product as the, erm, husband paid again…

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