Review | Schick Quattro disposable razor


I have to admit, the first time I used the Schick Quattro, I thought I’d made a mistake and left the plastic protective cover on the blades. (Yes, that’s totally the kind of thing I would do…) This is a really gentle shaver -so gentle, in fact, that I’d think it would be pretty difficult to cut yourself with it, although, in the interests of not being sued, please don’t take my word for that, and exercise your usual caution if you do decide to try it!

While the safety aspects of it are pretty impressive, however (if you’ve ever had to walk around after a shower with bits of loo roll stuck to your legs where you cut yourself shaving, you’ll know what I mean here…), it’s the quality of the shave that interested me the most, and it didn’t disappoint here, either, leaving my legs smooth and hair-free, which is, after all, exactly what you look for in a razor.

The softness may have something to do with the conditioning strip, which contains Aloe and Vitamin E, but this also uses four synchronized blades, which makes it easy to get to all of those little, annoying hairs, while its still safe enough to use on difficult areas like around the knees, without leaving the bathroom looking like a scene from Psycho.

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