Things Terry Can Fit In His Mouth Part 1: A Pickled Gherklin

Do you know what I spent a good part of the hottest Bank Holiday Monday I can ever remember (in fact, the ONLY hot Bank Holiday Monday I can ever remember) doing, people? Did you guess "gardening"? Yeah, well you guessed right, go to the top of the class. I was out there until 10pm last night, cutting, weeding, plucking, whining, crying, moaning… and then this morning I got up, looked out of the window, and a whole bunch of dandelions were standing there on the grass, thumbing their noses at me. I don’t know how they did it, but somehow they must have grown overnight. It’s like some kind of miracle or something. Do I win a prize?

Anyway, I also spent part of the bank holiday weekend taking pictures of Terry with various different things in his mouth. No, I haven’t completely lost mind (YET) – this was the second most popular Scribbit suggestion over the weekend, and even although it was suggested by Terry himself, lots of you still voted for it (!) and who am I to deny you the pleasure of seeing Terry with pickled gherkins and other sundry items in his mouth?

And so it is that I present to you today, number one of a short series entitled "Things Terry Can Fit In His Mouth". This one is called "Pickled Gherkin". Because. well, it’s a pickled gherkin. Enjoy! Oh, and if you’re wondering what the MOST popular suggestion was, well, you’ll have to check back later in the week. (It’s one that requires me to write actual words, you see. With this one I can just post a picture and my work for the day is done…)



IMPORTANT! Don’t try this at home kids! Terry is a professional who has trained for many years to be able to do this….


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