Prodblushfirstblush It would take a lot to drag me away from my beloved NARS Orgasm (more of that later), but this week I’ve been trying out Afterglow Cosmetics’ Organic Mineral Blush, and have been pleasantly surprised with it.

For those who haven’t heard of the brand, Afterglow Cosmetics is one of the leading organic mineral make-up brands in the US. Their products are now available in the UK, too, and the range is completely gluten free, cruelty free and vegan. So you can look beautiful with a conscience basically.

The blush itself is a shimmer effect (there are also matt finishes available) which I love. I mean, give me a bit of glitter and I’m a happy girl. It’s not so glittery as to be unwearable in the daytime, though: when I tried it on the back of my hand I thought this was going to be strictly a "special occassions only" look, but once I’d actually applied it to my face, I was left with more of a pleasant glimmer/glow than out-and-out glitter, which is nice.

I tried ‘First Blush’ which is the browny-pink shade shown above. A light dusting of this gives a very natural look, which you could actually use all over your face as a bronzer, while a slightly more loaded brush creates that "flushed cheeks" look. Most impressive is the staying power: like most of the mineral cosmetics I’ve tried (and unlike "regular" makeup) this will stay put all day long – no extra applications required.

Organic Mineral Blush is £18 and available in eight different shades from the Afterglow Cosmetics website.

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