Holy Grail Beauty Products: what are yours?

Holy_grail_beauty_produtcs The Holy Grail. If you’re a beauty junkie, like me, it’s not a precious, and possibly mythical, religious artifact – no, it’s something much better than that, although it may seem every bit as mythical.

For beauty lovers, The Holy Grail is the lipstick that remains in place even after your second latte of the morning. It’s the mascara that really does make your eyelashes look like they came out of a packet. The wrinkle cream that – brace yourself, ladies – actually gets rid of wrinkles. (That last one is definitely a myth, by the way). In other words, it’s the perfect product, that does exactly what you want it to, in the way you want it to do it. And boy, but is it hard to find…

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be sharing some of my Holy Grail Beauty Products with you (note: not literally. I’ll just be telling you about them, no actual sharing of products will be involves. Because those products are mine.) First, though, I want to know what yours are. Have you found the Holy Grail mascara, foundation, skin cream, or something else? Tell me, so I can discover it, too!