Magic Kingdom = Totally magic. Going home = not so much

Well, it’s our last full day in Florida. I’m sad. And also: totally and utterly depressed, because who wants to go back to the Kingdom, United when you can have the Kingdom, Magic? Not me.


(Why, yes, I did wear pretty much the same outfit to every park…)

The Happiest Place on Earth totally lived up to its rep (and huge thanks to The Parentals here for treating us to the trip, on account of how Sephora now has all of my money, and various retailers across central Florida have Terry’s), and was every bit as… magic… as I remembered it. My love of the Magic Kingdom has absolutely nothing to do with the rides inside the park (Especially not It’s a Small World), and everything to do with the atmosphere and appearance of the park. It’s just a little, perfect place, and it feels like nothing bad could ever happen there. Unlike, say, an airport. Or where we live. So, yes, it was all very magic indeed. Especially this bit:


I swear this picture is not photoshopped. And that even the Splash Mountain staff (sorry, cast members) laughed as they sold it to us. Just call me The Joker. Call Terry “crazy”. Moments after this photo was taken, my mouth ate my entire head. For real. (I’ve actually been having nightmares about Splash Mountain for years now, so this was actually a brave move for me, indeed. See “I don’t like steep drops“, for reference. Totally worth it, though, if only for this picture.)

So, yes, it’s the last day, and I’m now off to sit by the pool and feel sorry for myself while worrying about airplane crashes. We fly out tomorrow evening, so if this is the last entry you ever read here, my worst fears were probably realised. Rest assured, though, that I will not be leaving Florida without a few small mementos:



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