Stuff. And nonsense.

Hey folks, guess who’s back? Back again? Shady’s back! Tell your friends!

Whoops, no, sorry, I got carried away there: it’s not Shady who’s back at all, it’s my old friend the RED WEALS. Yes, after a year-long absence, the red weals swung back into town a couple of days ago, taking up residence in the luggage under my eyes and making me look like I’ve been up crying all night. For a week.

So that’s good.

I would imagine it’s probably all the stress of being back on this rain-soaked little island (did I mention that it’s been raining a LOT here?) and having to, you know, work for a living, rather than just lying by the pool all day eating that’s caused the reappearance of my old enemies. Because that sucks.

So yes, I’m still depressed. Even more so now that I look like some crazy, red-eyed monster. In other news:

1. I am going to be on the radio again in a couple of weeks. Yes, BBC Radio Northampton (?) want to speak to me about blogging, and how I am such a great blogger and stuff. Hopefully the "and stuff" bit won’t include anything about how to get rid of red weals under the eyes, or apply fake tan or anything, but, you know… This is happening on July 9th. I tell you about it now so you can all begin the necessary  preparations to move to Northampton and hear it. I’m sure those five minutes will be totally worth it!

2. We are heading south at the end of next month, to attend the christening of my best friend’s baby. Yes, people actually trust me to be around their offspring, how about that? Because we haven’t visited Terry’s brother John in… ever… we’re going to try and combine this with the christening. Yes, we will be meeting with John in the back of the church, can’t wait! No, I jest… it’s actually more complicated than that, and we will be flying into Birmingham, spending a few brief hours with John, and then being driven by him south to my friend’s house, before flying out of Luton the next day.  So basically, two days, two flights. I’m sure I’ll deal with that JUST FINE.

3. I’m still loving my new phone. Still haven’t quite worked out how to moblog from it, which is probably a good thing, or you’d be having to put up with me constantly posting pictures of Rubin lying on his back and looking cute. Then maybe lying on his front and looking cute. Or standing up and looking cute. Or… you get the picture. Other than that, though, it’s all good, and this morning my wake-up alarm was a long speech by Terry, telling me to get the hell up and make him some breakfast already. The fact that this message came from the phone just made it all the more surreal at 7.30am.

Other than that, it still sucks to be back. How’s your week?