Sucks to be me

I got a migraine on the flight home.

A migraine. On a plane. Which is much worse than snakes on a plane, let me tell you.

You see, as anyone who knows me will testify, there are two things in life that are guaranteed to freak me out more than almost anything else:

1. Flying

2. Migraines

From time to time over the years, the thought has popped into my head that hey, know what would REALLY suck? Getting a migraine while on a plane! But then I’ve always dismissed this thought, for surely life could not be THAT cruel to me? Surely?

Note to self: yes, it can.

I mean, I had really thought there was no way I could have possibly felt any more miserable to be leaving Florida than I already did. But apparently my brain decided flying wasn’t quite traumatic enough for me, because just as our flight was called and I stood up to go to my doom, I realised that, whoops, couldn’t actually see anything properly. You know, because of the wavy lines and blank spots in my vision. THANKS, BRAIN!

On the upside, the migraine kind of helped take my mind off takeoff. And, even better, I didn’t get a horrendous headache (my migraines are all about the visual disturbances – the headaches that follow them aren’t generally too bad), so I only had the nausea to deal with all the way home. Oh, and the terror, of course.

To be fair, the flight itself wasn’t too bad, other than the fact that I became convinced at one point that the pilot had surely overshot the UK and was taking us to Australia, so long did it seem to be taking. The plane, on the other hand, was not so hot, and suffice to say that there will be a strongly worded letter of complaint winging its way to the people responsible just as soon as I can be bothered to write one.

Anyway, after all of that, we’re safely back home, and have been reunited with the Rubinman, who has been having the time of his life.  I’ve got work covered up until Friday, so technically am still on "holiday", but now have to deal with the mountain of laundry, unpacking, and the fact that I can’t actually DO anything because it’s freezing cold and raining outside. Seriously, I had to switch the heating on as soon as we got home. I hate this country.

I always feel depressed after a vacation, but for some reason this year has been particularly bad – am uploading our photos to Flickr as I write this, and I just want to burst into tears at the sight of them. I want to go back. Preferably now. Even if it meant sitting on an aircraft with another migraine. It was such a great holiday, and thanks must go, again, to my parents, for making it all so fantastic. Don’t worry mum and dad, one day we will put you into a Florida nursing home for sure – it will be great!

Anyway, enough with the depression, and instead let’s all say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Terry, who is 30 today. THIRTY. Hee! His family and I all clubbed together to buy him an XBox 360 plus some games, so I guess I won’t be seeing much of him from now on. Everyone say Happy Birthday to Terry…


(Image courtesy of Terry’s best friend. Hee!)

Also, those of you who really, really want to see more photos of my trip will find the Flickr set here. Be warned, though, it’ll take you a long time to go through them (Although not as long as it took me to upload them) and they’re all crazily jumbled up because they were taken from a bunch of different cameras. But, you know, enjoy!