Amber and the amazing regenerating eyesight

Last night when I looked at my diary to see what I had planned for today (because obviously my life is SO busy that I need to do that. I mean, it’s not like I could just write "Blog, eat, sleep" every day and be done with it, is it?) I found that I had written:

"9.15am – Amber"

Eh? The hell? Was I planning on being more "Amber" than usual at 9.15am? Or did I feel I’d need a reminder that I was Amber at 9.15am? Or am I just going crazy? I’m guessing Terry would probably go with "crazy", because despite the fact that everyone totally agreed with me that the whole "reading at the gym" thing = a bit weird, really, he is still maintaining that it’s a perfectly normal thing to do. His argument seems to involve proximity to the sauna and jacuzzi, which I guess could very well dupe people into thinking they were, in fact, at an expensive day spa and not AT THE GYM. Personally I think all the screaming children would convince me otherwise, but hey, that’s just me. (Also, Terry? You’re wrong.)

Oh, and 9:15am this morning was body pump, by the way. Not "Amber". 9:15am tomorrow is my first attempt at Body Combat, and I’m actually quite worried about this because apparently the fact that the schools are now on holiday means that hardly anyone goes to the classes all summer (there were only a handful of us in Body Pump today), and I’m having horrible visions of it just being me, on my lonesome, prancing around in front of the instructor rather than just hiding at the back of the room, like I usually do in classes. That would clearly be embarrassing enough in itself, but when you consider how clumsy I am (this morning I’d only been in the studio for two minutes and I’d already dropped my step and almost knocked over a whole pile of barbells), and I’m sure you can understand my fear…

Anyway, you will have gathered from all of this talk about gyms that my trip to the opticians on Friday was a relative success and I was not diagnosed with a fatal brain tumour. Or, indeed, any kind of "seen through the eye" tumor. Result! In fact, it seems my eyesight has actually improved since my last visit. Given that on my last visit it had improved from the visit before that, I’m guessing that within a few years I’ll be back to 20-20 vision again, and since I haven’t had 20-20 vision since I was about 9 years old, I’m quite excited.

The bad news is, for reasons to boring to go into here, I had to move to a different type of contact lens, which is more expensive than the ones I’ve been using. The cost of this isn’t huge, but it has made me wonder again about maybe getting my eyes lasered at some point. Terry is currently thinking about doing this too, but of course, Terry is brave and I am not, so I’m wondering: is the thought of not having to wear contacts any more enough to persuade me to allow a laser to be beamed into my eyes? (MY EYES! MY EYES!) Hmmmm. The jury is still out at the moment, but if any of you have had this done, please feel free to share your experiences…