As Featured in the New York Times. Talking about giant toddlers.

This morning I woke up to the news that I had been quoted in The New York Times. Yes, the actual New York Times. Me! The article in question appeared on the website as well, so I clicked on the link (sent to me by Laura), and here is what the New York Times have quoted me (Or rather, The Fashion Police, which is the same thing basically because I am it, and it is me, and you are he, and we are all together) as saying – sorry, “screaming”:

“My eyes, my eyes! Show me the person who wouldn’t look like a giant toddler in them.”

Um, yeah. Wise words, there. I bet you’re all wondering where I get this crazy talent from, no? And doesn’t it just figure that I get quoted by the New York Times, and I’m talking about giant toddlers?  Smooth, Amber. Very smooth. I’m thinking I probably won’t make it into the Oxford Dictionary of Quotations with that one…

Of course, what I was really talking about was harem pants – or any kind of pants with a dropped crotch – and actually, I stand by my “giant toddler” statement (I just hope it’s not what I’m remembered for, is all.). Seriously, look:


Yeah, I hate harem pants. Really, really hate them. Still, The Fashion Police in The New York Times! I mean, that’s pretty cool, no? And yes, sure, a link would’ve been nice, but even so, The New York Times! And to think it never would’ve happened without those giant toddlers!