The Beauty Blender: anyone tried it?

11783873310141838786116 Confession: I don’t really use many sponges or brushes to apply my makeup. With the exception of eye shadow (which I don’t use a lot of anyway), I tend to just use my fingers. Yes, I know, I know…

When I first read about The Beauty Blender, then, I was skeptical about how good it could possibly be. I mean, it’s just an egg-shaped makeup sponge which, OK, is a hot pink colour, and I love me some hot pink, but all the same, just a sponge, right?

Well, apparently wrong, if the reviews are to believed. This little makeup sponge has a celebrity following that includes the likes of Beyonce and Oprah, and apparently the shape of it helps give you a flawless finish on things like foundation, concealer, bronzer etc, while the consistency makes sure that the makeup ends up on your skin, not soaked into the sponge.

So far it’s all sounding pretty good, but here’s the rub: it costs $20. Which is way more than this "doesn’t ever use sponges anyway" Dollface feels like paying at the moment.

What’s the verdict, folks? Anyone used this? What did you think?

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