First up: sorry for the lack of posts this week, folks. We’ve been having technical issues which have left me with very little time to write anything, and Mr Dollface and I are also getting ready for a weekend away, which is something that requires a huge amount of forward-planning when you’re self-employed, so if posts have been rather thin on the ground, that’s why! Hopefully things should be getting back to normal next week.

Second up: You may notice some changes to the site template, some elements of which aren’t working yet. Don’t worry, we know about it: we’ve been doing some background work to the site, and we’re not done yet, so please bear with us!

Third up – Dermelect Line Correction Eye Gel. I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks now, and loving the coolness of of it. I read another blogger’s review (Sorry, I can’t remember who it was, so if it was you, shout out so I can link to you!) who recommended keeping it in the fridge between applications, so I did that, and liked it even more.

I’ve been having loads of problems with the skin under my eyes lately. It tends to flare up when I’m stressed, and gets very red, dry and angry looking. When this happens, I try not to use anything other than specialist creams on it, but I did try Dermelect, and again, loved the coolness of it on my sore skin. I found it good at reducing puffiness, soothing and refreshing the skin, and less good at reducing lines -mine are still there, but then I guess it has only been a couple of weeks…

Product Claims:

  • Reduces puffiness, minimizes dark circles

  • Moisturizes and tones the eyelids

  • Soothes and refreshes

  • Facilitates smooth make-up application

Dermelect scored high on all of these for me, with the exception of the dark-circle minimizing. Mine are still firmly in place, but as I said, it’s been a particularly bad few weeks for the skin around my eyes, and I suspect those dark circles will need a holiday to remove them, not an eye gel.


Aloe Vera, Chamomille, Echinacea, Vitamin A, Vitamin E

Best for: Soothing and refreshing tired eyes – great to use first thing in the morning

Price:  $34

Buy: Dermelect line correction eye gel

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