List-tastic, baby!

Has it really been five days since I last updated? Oops. There is no particular reason for this, I’m afraid. I mean, I’d like to say I was suddenly overwhelmed by inspiration and have spent the last five days frantically hammering out The Novel, or that I was whisked off to an exotic sun-drenched island or something, but no. I’m just lazy. So lazy, in fact, that I’m going to write you a list to bring you up to date with the not-very-interesting things I’ve been getting up to recently. Sorry.

1. My hair is still a freaking disaster. Seriously, it turned out to be my most hated haircut ever. I’ve been wearing it up every day since I had it cut, and on Saturday I had to go and buy a whole bunch of new hair clips and alice bands and stuff (because yes, it’s not like I didn’t have enough of those already) to try and fight it back. Gah.

2. I bought these items on the same shopping trip that was made necessary by the fact that I dyed all but one of my white knickers grey in the wash. Yes, I am writing about my underwear on the Internet now. Sorry, mum. People who know me in real life: please pretend you didn’t read this entry next time you see me.

3. Seriously, though, about the knickers… This happens to me roughly once every six weeks, I would say. Do you have any idea how hard it is to buy plain white knickers? They all seem to come with some kind of black trim, which is where the dye comes from. The label says, "wash with similar colours". WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Are you supposed to wash them with dark colours or with white colours? Because either way, the knickers themselves would still turn grey. Am I supposed to hand wash them all? Who has time for that? Not me.

4. It’s OK, that’s me finished talking about my knickers now. It’s safe to read on.

5. On Saturday, Terry borrowed Guitar Hero from one of his friends and we took it with us when we went to visit my parents that night. I liked it so much I made Terry stop at the all-night Tesco on the way home and buy us our own copy. Since then, it’s more or less all I’ve thought about. Nirvana! Pearl Jam! Smashing Pumpkins! Oh, you rock bands of the 90s, how I love you! At night, when I try to sleep, I see those Guitar Hero dots floating in front of my eyes and hear "Even Flow" echoing around my head. In fact, I’m hearing it now…

6. On Thursday, when I was out walking Rubin, we met a man with three dogs, one of which was called "Lazy" and one of which was called "Fatty". I don’t know what the third was called. Not sure I want to know.

7. This weekend, we’re heading south, for the christening of my best friend’s baby.  We’ll be flying into Birmingham, spending a few hours there with Terry’s brother, John (he of kidney-donating fame), and then driving down to Hertfordshire where we’ll stay the night in a hotel before flying back from Luton on Sunday evening, after the christening. Am looking forward to this as I haven’t seen Steph since my wedding, and I haven’t met her little boy at all. Because that’s the kind of bad friend I am. Weirdly, I haven’t started worrying about the flights yet, other than a couple of times when I’ve woken up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat. This is definite progress for me!

8. I had wanted to have ten points in this list, just to make it an even number, but I can’t think of any… oh no, wait!

9. Last night Terry and I watched The Ruins  It was one of those movies which I had to watch mostly through my fingers. Really gory. But at least it got the Guitar Hero dots out of my head for a little while that night, as I lay awake worrying about flesh-eating plants instead.

10. Speaking of Guitar Hero….