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Afterglow_foundation Afterglow Cosmetics’ Organic Mineral Foundation is 100% natural, contains a natural sunscreen, and it suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. Sadly, the trial tub was the wrong shade for my porcelain (ahem!) skin, so I handed it over to Norma of Keeping It Realtor (who does have sensitive skin), who writes:

"I’ve never really been much of a foundation wearer. I hate the feeling of heavy makeup on my skin, so tinted moisturiser normally suits me fine. As someone with, ahem, more mature skin, I also prefer a "dewy" look, rather than a powdery one, which I think can be very aging, so, when I tried Afterglow Cosmetics Organic Mineral Foundation, I have to admit, I didn’t really expect to like it.

Well, it just goes to show that it’s always worthwhile trying out something different every once in a while, because this was nothing like I’d imagined it…

For a start, this foundation is as light as a feather on your skin – probably not surprising, given that it’s a powder, but as I mentioned, I had expected to feel like I was caked in makeup, and that wasn’t the case at all. I brushed it on (a proper kabuki brush would’ve been a good idea here, but I didn’t have one, so used the biggest brush I had), buffed it in, and was really surprised by the coverage, which was sheer, matt, and not at all chalky, which is what I’d worried about.

As for the fine lines – my daughter has always hated mineral makeup because she finds it emphasizes any lines she has, but this wasn’t the case for me. I couldn’t say it made me look younger (but of course, it doesn’t claim to), but it definitely didn’t emphasize the lines, and just left my skin looking smooth and even – I really didn’t feel like I was wearing it at all.

Overall, I was very pleasantly surprised by this. Will I give up my tinted moisturiser for it? Well, maybe not all the time, but I will definitely be alternating it with this one now!"

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  • Chichi says:

    I keep hearing the word “mineral” been used in some make up product/range. I still don’t understand the whole mineral thing flying right, left and centre. Can someone please explain? Thank you.

  • emily says:

    mineral makeup is simply better for your skin.. has a natural glow.. and is totally natural… that’s why I like it!

  • Janie says:

    there are lot of mineral cosmetics out there. i’ve tried the major ones. i absolutely LOVE afterglow’s line of products. even if you have never used mineral makeup. it’s easy and fun. just give it a try!

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