Review | Philosophy ‘The Present’ clear makeup

Philosophy_the_present Oh dear. I really wanted to like this. In fact, I wanted to like it so much that although I bought it a couple of months ago, I’ve waited until now to review it because I kept hoping it would suddenly start to deliver.

All I can say, though, is Philosophy’s ‘The Present’ is the emperor’s new clothes of cosmetics for me, because as far as I can tell, it doesn’t do a thing for me.

On its own:  Well, it’s clear, and what can I say – it really didn’t make any difference to my skin at all. I should add here that I wasn’t expecting miracles. It would’ve been nice if The Present had delivered the perfect, airbrushed skin I had read about, but really, my skin looked exactly the same, both before and after use.

As a primer: 

Again, not a whole lot of difference with the before and after. One thing I will say here is that I’d read lots of reviews from people saying that you can’t wear liquid foundation over this, and I didn’t find that to be the case. I could apply The Present, wait the recommended two minutes for it to dry, and then apply my foundation over the top without any problem. So, as a primer, it’s not a bad one at all – just not a particularly great one, like my beloved Smashbox Photo Primer.

Taking into account the comments about only wearing it under powder, however, I do wonder if The Present might come into its own under mineral makeup. Not being a big mineral makeup up fan, I haven’t tried this, so perhaps that’s what you need to do to get the flawless complexion!

As a moisturiser:

Philosophy also recommend using The Present as a moisturiser, if you have oily skin. I don’t, but I tried it as a moisturiser anyway, and as with my comments on using it as a primer, above, while I didn’t have any problems with using it that way, and it made a perfectly serviceable moisturiser, it wasn’t any better or worse than other moisturisers I’ve tried. I, of course, may not be the best person to listen to here as I don’t have oily skin – if you do, you may well find this gives you much better results.

Overall, not something I’d buy again, sadly, but I will try it out with mineral foundation if I can get my hands on some, and think it could be worth considering if you have particularly oily skin.

Buy: Philosphy The Present Clear Makeup, $25