Philosophy_the_present Oh dear. I really wanted to like this. In fact, I wanted to like it so much that although I bought it a couple of months ago, I’ve waited until now to review it because I kept hoping it would suddenly start to deliver.

All I can say, though, is Philosophy’s ‘The Present’ is the emperor’s new clothes of cosmetics for me, because as far as I can tell, it doesn’t do a thing for me.

On its own:  Well, it’s clear, and what can I say – it really didn’t make any difference to my skin at all. I should add here that I wasn’t expecting miracles. It would’ve been nice if The Present had delivered the perfect, airbrushed skin I had read about, but really, my skin looked exactly the same, both before and after use.

As a primer: 

Again, not a whole lot of difference with the before and after. One thing I will say here is that I’d read lots of reviews from people saying that you can’t wear liquid foundation over this, and I didn’t find that to be the case. I could apply The Present, wait the recommended two minutes for it to dry, and then apply my foundation over the top without any problem. So, as a primer, it’s not a bad one at all – just not a particularly great one, like my beloved Smashbox Photo Primer.

Taking into account the comments about only wearing it under powder, however, I do wonder if The Present might come into its own under mineral makeup. Not being a big mineral makeup up fan, I haven’t tried this, so perhaps that’s what you need to do to get the flawless complexion!

As a moisturiser:

Philosophy also recommend using The Present as a moisturiser, if you have oily skin. I don’t, but I tried it as a moisturiser anyway, and as with my comments on using it as a primer, above, while I didn’t have any problems with using it that way, and it made a perfectly serviceable moisturiser, it wasn’t any better or worse than other moisturisers I’ve tried. I, of course, may not be the best person to listen to here as I don’t have oily skin – if you do, you may well find this gives you much better results.

Overall, not something I’d buy again, sadly, but I will try it out with mineral foundation if I can get my hands on some, and think it could be worth considering if you have particularly oily skin.

Buy: Philosphy The Present Clear Makeup, $25

  1. Why is it that you dislike mineral foundations? I’ve never tried them, but I’ve heard so many good things. I’m thinking of buying one made by an Australian cosmetics brand called “Bloom” which I trialled in an department store and was very impressed with.

  2. Kerry, I don’t really like it because I like my foundation to look slightly “dewy”, and mineral foundation is just too matt for me. It also tends to settle in any fine lines on my face, too, and I just find it very ageing on me. With that said, it is a fantastic base for other makeup (my busher doesn’t budge all day if I wear mineral foundation underneath it) and I know other people absolutely love it, so I think it may just be me.
    And I should clarify: it’s only mineral foundation I’m not keen on: mineral eyeshadpw etc I do like!

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