Pixi_cheekstain After the life-changing experience that was my discovery of NARS Orgasm ( I jest. Well, sort of.) I’ve been just a little bit obsessed with blusher. Could there be other blushers out there that I’d love just as much as my beloved NARS, I wondered? Could there even be blushers that might be better?

At the moment, I kinda doubt it. But when I finally run out of NARS (I just can’t bring myself to call it ‘Orgasm’ – that sentence would’ve sounded so very wrong), Pixi’s ‘Velvet Rouge’ will be one of the first new blushers I’ll want to try.

This is a liquid-to-powder formula which they describe as a "melt" because it apparently melts into your cheeks.

See, that’s all it takes for me. "A product that melts into my skin?" I think. "Bring it on!"

It comes in ‘Veil’, ‘Velour’ and ‘Velvet’ and as the names might suggest, it’s said to create a smooth, velvet-like finish. If you’ve tried it, be sure and tell me what you thought!

Buy: Pixi Velvet Rouge – Liquid Blush Melts

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