As a big fan of big lashes, I’ve been known to get the falsies out on occasion, and generally use a pair of tweezers to pick ’em up and stick ’em on. (I like Tweezerman’s point tweezers for this purpose, but since I, er, dropped them on the floor point-downwards and destroyed them, any tweezers will do) so I have to confess, I hadn’t even considered the idea that there may be a dedicated tool for false lash application.

Shu Uemura, aka The Eyelash Gods, have just the thing, though. It’s the shiny, pointy object pictured above, and it has a unique curved tip which is designed to hold the lash in place while you apply it. They claim it "enables fool-proof false eyelash application", and all I know is that this fool would like to find out if that’s true, but thinks $55 sounds a little steep…

Buy: Shu Uemura false eyelash applicator, $55

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