Smashbox_photo_finish To have found one Holy Grail Beauty Product on my last trip to Sephora was pretty good going, I thought, but to find two? Amazing.

My second Holy Grail item is Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. Again, this is a product that gets a lot of really great reviews, and all I can say is that they’re all true. I absolutely love this product, and really regret the fact that I bought a trial-sized bottle, which I got as part of the Smashbox ‘Try Me’ Set, rather than the full-sized version, because I can tell I’m going to be getting through a lot of this.

There’s some morre information about Photo Primer under the jump, but to be completely honest, all you really need to know is this: it feels like you’re putting liquid silk onto your face. No, really, it does. This is slightly dangerous for me because the delicious feel of the stuff makes me want to wear much more of it than I really need to, but then, that’s the reason this is part of my Holy Grail collection!

What is it?

Smashbox Photo Finish is a foundation primer which you wear over your moisturiser and under your foundation. The idea is that it preps your skin for foundation, creating a smooth, perfect base.

Product Claims:

– smooths and perfects skin

– inhibits the destruction of collagen

– fills in fine lines and pores

– creates a flawless finish


As mentioned above, this feels like silk. Very, very smooth and makes you want to keep on applying more of it. Which, of course, you should not do, or you’ll run out of it in a week!

How it looks on:

I bought the "original" version of Photo Finish. It’s clear, so you won’t actually see it on your skin, although you will notice a difference in the way your skin feels. Mine is totally smooth after a quick application of this, and it also has a slight mattifying effect, so it gets rid of shine, too. The result is that foundation just seems to glide on over it, giving you a much smoother finish, which is, indeed, photo-perfect.

It’s also available in ‘Light’, ‘Sheer Apricot’ (which dries clear but contains Dermaxyl Complex to cover up fine lines), ‘Color Adjust’ (green, to combat redness), ‘Color Balance’ (for yellow skintones), Color Blend (which covers up things like under-eye circles), and there’s also a Bronzing version, which sounds interesting.

I’m really keen to try the Color Blend formula, to see if it really will help with my under-eye luggage, but am more than happy with the original formula, too. Did I mention how good it feels on your skin? No? SO good…

Price: from $36

Rating: 5/5

Buy: Smashbox Photo Finish Primer

  1. Wonderful review – I was actually just planning on looking for a primer, and I think I’ll try this. The Color Balance sounds perfect for me. Thanks Dollface!

  2. Amber dont buy the big sized pump. So much is wasted in the bottom that you cant get at. Otherwise I think its perfect

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