Abs in a Box kit makes the gym redundant. Maybe.


Now, we all want to look like we have super-defined, washboard abs on the beach, am I right? But if you’re anything like me, the thought of having to sweat it out in the gym to actually achieve those abs is slightly less than appealing. Or you don’t have time. Or you’ve been trying for months, but you still don’t seem to be seeing any results. Whatever. The fact is, you want the abs, and you want them now. Preferably in a box.

Well, here they are, folks, your complete abs-in-a-box kit. I had to rub my eyes a couple of times to make sure I was seeing this right, but yup, it really is what it looks like – a makeup kit that allows you to shade and colour your abdomen to create the appearance of toned abs when they don’t actually exist. Don’t worry, it comes with a manual to tell you how to get it. You’ll also get:

* waterproof and sweatproof abs shadows and highlighters
* abs primer
* setting spray
* semi-permanent abs stain, that lasts two to three days
* mini kabuki brush
* dual-Sided Body Contouring and Defining Brush

Oh, and here’s what it’ll apparently do for you:


Of course, it doesn’t tell you what it’ll look like if your’re NOT starting out with the figure of a model, but if you hand over $69 to IT Cosmetics, I guess you’ll soon find out. Oh, and there’s also a version for men…

What do you think, folks? Worth a go, or just plain weird?

Buy: Abs In a Box, $69