Alberto V05 Moisture Milks Shampoo in Strawberries and Cream

Vo5_moisture_milks I bought this shampoo while I was on holiday in the States earlier this year, and I have to be honest, I picked it up purely because it happened to be the cheapest shampoo in the store at the time.

I actually ended up buying two bottles by mistake (I thought I was buying a shampoo and conditioner, but picked up two shampoos by mistake – doh!) so I brought the second bottle home with me and promptly forgot all about it, until this week, when my regular shampoo ran out and I dug this one out of hiding.

When I did, I wished I had bought a couple more bottles. This is seriously one of the best smelling shampoos I’ve tried. The scent is strawberries and cream, and it’s so sweet and delicious smelling that it makes my mouth water. It also makes the bathroom smell nice, which is an added bonus.

As for its cleaning properties, well, it does the job, leaving my hair clean, soft and above all, smelling like strawberries and cream. Not bad for $1.99.

Buy : V05 Moisture Milks Strawberries and Cream shampoo, $1.99