Hand_cream Continuing with my quest for a hand cream that will soothe the dry skin on my hands but won’t take ages to soak in, leaving me unable to type, I’m currently using Boots No. 7 Younger Longer Time Resisting Hand Cream, which I’ve been pretty happy with.

Although this is a fairly thick cream, it does absorb quickly – I can rub it on and then get back to work right away (yes, I am a workaholic) and it does a good job of making my hands smoother and softer. I also like the fact that it contains SPF 15: I think most of us know by now that it’s a good idea to wear sun protection on our faces every day, but it’s easy to forget our hands, which are one of the first parts of the body to show the signs of aging,

I got this in a trial size, as part of a gift with purchase, but it’s still going strong after several weeks – a little goes a long way.

Buy: Boots No.7 Younger Longer Time Resisting Hand Cream, £9.95

(Note: I couldn’t find this on the Boots website, so am assuming it’s out of stock. You should be able to pick it up in-store, though)

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  1. I thought Boots No.7 Younger Longer Time Resisting Hand Cream was brilliant too! And it had a really great smell. So what do Boots do? Stop making it! Now why did they do that? So many times I find a product I really like than it gets discontinued…

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