A few years ago, I was given a nail corrector pen as part of a nail polish gift set, and I absolutely loved it. So much easier and more accurate than the "folded-up piece of loo roll dipped in nail polish remover" technique I’d been previously using to correct nail polish mistakes (and trust me, I make a lot of them), and it smelt a whole lot better, too.

Anyway, time went by, the pen dried up and I kept on forgetting to buy a new one, so it was back to the old "loo roll" technique for me, until I found this one by Essie on the Nordstrom website. At $14, this seems fairly expensive for a nail pen, but the beauty of this one is that it’s refillable, so when it runs out, you can just fill it right back up again with remover. Which suddenly makes the price seem a little more reasonable, no?

Buy: Essie nail corrector pen, $14

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