Glamour tweezers, complete with suction cup!


Anyone who’s ever lived with me will bear testament to the fact that I mislay my tweezers all the freaking time. No, I have no idea how I manage it either. This sorry state of affairs, however, means that even without the general cuteness of these tweezers, I’d still think they were a great idea, because they come with their own little suction cups which can be attached to walls or other surfaces, allowing you to keep better track of your tweezers.

That’s the idea, anyway. I’m sure I’d still find some way to mislay them, but at least the eye-catching design will help me find them again, too!

Buy: Glamour tweezers, $20

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  • Reply August 23, 2008


    Those are really cute and I just so happened to have lost my tweezers. Good timing!

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