Holiday! Celebration! In my dreams…

OK, that’s it, I’m going on holiday. I mean, I had to switch on the heating today, people. In August. August. And so it’s been decided: I will not endure another year in which I get only two weeks of sunshine. No, I will have THREE weeks of sunshine – maybe even four. And I will even travel on an airplane to get it. As long as it wasn’t purchased at Toys-R-Us, obviously.

But where to go? Well, we’re looking at going somewhere in December. This is something of a tradition for Terry and I, who always used to take a week’s break around the time of our anniversary (the anniversary of when we started dating, that is, not our wedding anniversary. Because there’s no way I’m waiting until March for my sun.) right up until Terry got ill, when we had to stop for obvious reasons.

This year, however, the tradition is being resurrected. So we need to find somewhere that’s:

a) Hot in December. This rules out Europe because culture is all well and good, but I’m sitting here wearing two cardigans, so, you know GIVE ME HEAT. Heeeeeeeat.

b) Not too long a flight. We may go for two weeks, in which case I’d be willing to stretch it up to nine or so hours, say, but we may only be able to manage a week, in which case it’s five hours max. I still carry with me the memories of our week-long stay in Vegas, during which I spent most of my time feeling dizzy and almost hallucinating with exhaustion and jet lag (although that may just be the effect Vegas has, obviously). Every night we’d sit down and consider the huge variety of evening entertainment Vegas had to offer… and then we’d have a quick dinner and go to bed because GOD, were we tired. So, no hugely long flights. This rules out California, obviously, so don’t even mention it :)

c) Ridiculously cheap. Like laughably cheap. We’re willing to settle for the most basic of accommodation, as long as it’s clean, and not inside a war zone or something. Really, we just want some SUN. Oh, sun, how we miss you so!

So, yeah, I’m thinking we’ll probably end up in the Canaries again. But if anyone has any other suggestions they’d like to share with the group, let the sharing begin…