OK, that’s it, I’m going on holiday. I mean, I had to switch on the heating today, people. In August. August. And so it’s been decided: I will not endure another year in which I get only two weeks of sunshine. No, I will have THREE weeks of sunshine – maybe even four. And I will even travel on an airplane to get it. As long as it wasn’t purchased at Toys-R-Us, obviously.

But where to go? Well, we’re looking at going somewhere in December. This is something of a tradition for Terry and I, who always used to take a week’s break around the time of our anniversary (the anniversary of when we started dating, that is, not our wedding anniversary. Because there’s no way I’m waiting until March for my sun.) right up until Terry got ill, when we had to stop for obvious reasons.

This year, however, the tradition is being resurrected. So we need to find somewhere that’s:

a) Hot in December. This rules out Europe because culture is all well and good, but I’m sitting here wearing two cardigans, so, you know GIVE ME HEAT. Heeeeeeeat.

b) Not too long a flight. We may go for two weeks, in which case I’d be willing to stretch it up to nine or so hours, say, but we may only be able to manage a week, in which case it’s five hours max. I still carry with me the memories of our week-long stay in Vegas, during which I spent most of my time feeling dizzy and almost hallucinating with exhaustion and jet lag (although that may just be the effect Vegas has, obviously). Every night we’d sit down and consider the huge variety of evening entertainment Vegas had to offer… and then we’d have a quick dinner and go to bed because GOD, were we tired. So, no hugely long flights. This rules out California, obviously, so don’t even mention it 🙂

c) Ridiculously cheap. Like laughably cheap. We’re willing to settle for the most basic of accommodation, as long as it’s clean, and not inside a war zone or something. Really, we just want some SUN. Oh, sun, how we miss you so!

So, yeah, I’m thinking we’ll probably end up in the Canaries again. But if anyone has any other suggestions they’d like to share with the group, let the sharing begin… 

  1. Ha! So bad at this game. 🙂 I haven't had a proper vacay in quite some time and I've never been on a plane for longer than 3 hours when I went to the Bahamas and that was 5 years ago!

  2. Well I WAS going to suggest Australia (we have some mighty fine sun down here) but it's a 28 hour flight and I know just the thought of that is enough to curl your eyelashes in fear. But I promise it would be worth it.

  3. How about South Africa?

    The flight is a bit longer than you mentioned (11 hours, plus you may not be able to go direct, so will first have to fly to Heathrow, or Frankfurt, or Paris (depends which airline you use)). But, the flights are usually overnight, so you don't lose any holiday day time (of course, if you can't sleep on the flight, you may have to make it up during the day). There's no jet lag though, because SA is only 1 or 2 hours ahead of the UK (depending on time of year).

    And it gets hot (very hot) in December!

  4. Thanks for the suggestions everyone 🙂

    The thing is, this is just supposed to be a quick, cheap way to get some sunshine, so I'm afraid horrendously long flights are really out. It takes me days to recover from the stress/exhaustion of them (I can't sleep on planes, ever), and while that's not so much of a problem on the way there, it's a big issue on the way back, when we have to get back to work.

    Also, places like Australia & South Africa sound wonderful, but are really, really expensive to get to from here – and we just can't afford it. We also, as Mags says, have a problem with finding direct flights from Scotland, and although we've managed to get connecting flights from London before, it really adds to the expense and hassle, and we're really just looking for a cheap, quick, stress-free break!

    Yeah, we're probably going to the Canaries, aren't we? 🙂

    Wendy – We really, really fancy Cuba: it's still quite expensive (for us) though, and I couldn't even find flights from London, let alone Scotland – arrgh! Egypt is a possibility to: I quite fancy Sharm – will need to look into it a bit more

  5. I can really recommend Egypt! It's a terrific feeling to stand next to the last world wonder plus the Nile, all the sand, mango trees… I loved it 🙂 Or maybe you could go to Cyprus, I liked it down there as well. Greek Islands in general would be an option or what about Dubai?

  6. Europe isn't hot enough for us in December, I'm afraid – we're looking for it to be as hot as possible! Would love to visit Dubai, but again, super-expensive. Yes, we are very difficult (and very poor, unfortunately!) 🙂

  7. Mexico is about 12 hours from London, I think… I don't think we can fly there direct from Scotland, so we'd have to add on a couple of hours for a flight to London and transfer time etc. It's also quite expensive, though: I should probably have made it much clearer in my post that by "cheap", we mean REALLY cheap – i.e. you can get a two week holiday to the Canaries for under £300 per person, whereas places like Mexico would be more like £800, and Ausrtalia, Dubai etc are well over £1,500 per person, and involve travelling to London first. So you can see our dilemma – and why we'll probably end up going to the Canary Islands unless we can find somewhere similarly cheap 🙂

  8. So this is what global warming gives you, eh? Well, it was 80F here 2 days ago, and 59F here today. I am not warm, and I am not pleased. Good luck in your quest.

  9. What about Seville? It's supposed to be lovely year-round… or Morocco? Or go to southern Spain and hop over to Morocco for the night, and hop back. (Not literally hopping, you understand…)

    Is Greece that expensive?

  10. Yeah – the Greek islands are great in summer, but in December? Not so much. Some places in North Africa might not be a bad idea, though… I asked Ash and apparently Israel can get very cold at that time of year, so there's a suggestion of where not to go.

  11. I've heard that Belize is dirt cheap, and really nice. Or maybe that's property in Belize that's dirt cheap…but at any rate, it would definitely be a tropical time.

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