Tan_trick My legendary inability to apply fake tan without making myself look like a sepia-coloured zebra is well documented, so I want to begin this review of Isomers Tan Trick by saying that you should probably discount the fact that I ended up streakier than a piece of bacon when I tried to use this: I’m pretty sure that had nothing to do with the product itself and a whole lot to do with the aforementioned inability to apply it properly.

With that said, once the streakiness had abated (Which it did after another application), this turned out to be one of the nicest self tanners I’ve used in terms of colour. It’s a really lovely, natural looking brown, and even Mr Dollface, who is a pretty harsh critic of my fake tanning attempts, said he liked the colour, and thought it looked natural.

Part of my problem with the application can probably be explained by the fact that I’m now very used to using gradual self-tan moistursers. This isn’t one. It’s a fast working self tanner, and you’ll see the results after just a few hours, so you do need to be much more careful when applying it than you do with the various tanning moisturisers on the market, which build up gradually, meaning that mistakes are much less obvious.

Aside from the colour, however, this has a couple of other points in its favour, one being the lack of scent. I’m currently wearing Nivea’s Sunskissed Skin, which I applied a few hours ago, and I can still smell it on my skin, whereas I don’t remember being aware of any smell from Tan Trick while I was using it.

This also lasted for a good long time – at least a week before it would have needed to have been reapplied, and didn’t transfer onto sheets and clothes.

If I was going on vacation, I think this would be great to use to kick-start a tan, which I’d then keep topped up with a gradual tannner while I was gone. That’s assuming I ever get the hang of actually applying the stuff, of course…

Buy: Isomers Tan Trick, $14.50

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