Lower_lash_curler Just while we’re talking about eyelash curlers… as obsessed as I am with the things, even I didn’t know I needed one of these until I found it on the Sephora website. And actually, I have to say, I’m STILL not convinced I need it.

This is a lower lash curler, and Sephora say it’s for people with "stick straight lower lashes". This sent me rushing off to the mirror to try to establish whether I’m one of those people, because to be completely honest, my lower lashes just don’t tend to figure too heavily in my thoughts. I just brush a little bit of mascara onto them in the morning and then forget about them.

Are they too straight? Could they benefit from a lower lash curler? I have no idea what the answer to the first question is, and I’d hazard a guess that the answer to the second one is "no" because my lower lashes are just too pale and feeble to make much of an impact, regardless of HOW curly or otherwise they are. If you think yours could do with a curlin’, though, these are $10 at Sephora. Anyone use them?

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