One Season in 365 Days

People, my winter holiday is BACK ON. Even if I have to, I dunno, sell Rubin or something to pay for it. Because seriously, folks. SERIOUSLY. Enough with the rain already. I mean, people had to be rescued by boat from the town next door to ours last night because of all the rain/flooding, and other people had to be airlifted to the local hospital because of it. Which would really, really suck, you know?

Now, we live in Scotland, where it’s pretty much all hills, all the time, so trust me: we just don’t get that much flooding. I’m starting to feel like we’re in The Bible or something. I’m also starting to think that if we don’t get the hell out of Dodge, and soon, we’ll grow webbed feet and have to learn how to breathe under water. And I know that sounds cool, but I just don’t think it would be somehow.

The result of all of this apocalyptic weather? As I said, the winter holiday is a goer. It looks like we will just be going to the Canaries, which is exactly what I thought would happen, because there is seriously nowhere cheaper (that’s within five hours of the UK and hot at that time of year), but at this point I really don’t care because GIVE ME SUN. Please. I’m desperate here.

In slightly better news, my stint at the gym last Thursday turned out not to be an isolated event after all, and so far I have been every day this week (I know!), doing Body Pump, Body Combat and, today, Body Attack. So, yeah, I feel like my body really has been attacked now, for sure.

I also feel kind of like the new girl at high school, because the thing about all of these classes is that everyone else already seems to know each other. Now, I know people are always recommending the gym as a place to make new friends, but I just don’t see how that can be done easily – and not just because people tend to take an instant dislike to me. (No, seriously, I think it’s because my "resting face" is a frown. And maybe because if I don’t have my contact lenses on, I will walk right past people without recognising them, and that tends to cause offence.) I mean, how do you make friends at the gym? Do you just walk up to people while they’re on the treadmill and stand next to them shouting, "HI! WILL YOU BE MY FRIEND?" Because that would be weird.

Note: I don’t actually go to the gym to make friends, by the way. I go to the gym because I like making myself look like someone who has only recently learned how to walk unaided, obviously. It’s just that, when I walk into these classes, I always have a bit of a sinking feeling as I realise that everyone else is standing around in little cliques, and then I have to sit down on the floor by myself and pretend there is something super-interesting on my phone that I absolutely have to look at RIGHT NOW.

In conclusion: I suck at making friends with people. But I have been to the gym three times already this week so, you know, yay me!