The only good thing about winter: the shopping

Hey, fellow UK residents, remember “summer”? It was this hot, sunny thing we used to get, long, long ago? No? Not ringing a bell? I think I can just about remember it if I try really hard, but the memories are fading. Actually, I’m pretty sure that at some point in the future, when we talk to kids born in the UK in the 21st century about “summer”, they’ll just laugh at us and call us rude names, because it’ll totally sound like we’re remembering some ancient, possibly mythical thing. Like unicorns, maybe. Or the black Michael Jackson.

Which sucks, really.

Anyway, last week, I started receiving press releases telling me that now that summer is almost over, it’s time for me to start thinking about Halloween and – oh God – Christmas. Christmas. And I REFUSE to start thinking about these things. I WILL NOT, and they can’t make me. But I will indulge the senders of these doom-laden press releases (“NEWS FLASH: TIME MOVES ON! WHOOO, SCARY!”) by buying myself some new coats for Autumn. Just, you know, to be prepared, and not AT ALL because I’m a shopaholic who just can’t seem to stop herself, seriously.

(Yeah, this is another entry about my clothes, by the way. Sorry about that. I AM a fashion blogger, though, so I guess it is to be expected…)

In preparation for the approaching Autumn (BOO! HISS!) I have bought, not one, but two new coats. Which makes me happy. Not as happy as it would make me if someone figured out a way to reverse time and make it so that summer actually happened this year, but happy none the less. Here is the first one, which – shockhorror! – is not black:


Obviously, with this coat – in fact, with both of them – I’m going to have to either pretend we live in a warmer climate than we actually do, or just accept that it’ll be too cold to wear it without multiple layers underneath by mid-October. But look! Swirly skirt!


Here is the second coat, which IS black. Because I cannot seem to stop myself buying this stuff.


The photos don’t do this coat justice at all, because it’s too dark to see the details… Anyway, it’s a rainproof material, and it has these cute little puffy shoulders and a big stand up collar, which I like, because it makes me feel a bit like Elizabeth I, and I’m all about the drama. (“No!” I hear you exclaim in amazement…)

Clearly, this year’s theme is big, swishy skirts with pockets cut into the seams, and standy-up collars. Which is fun, you know, but not nearly as much fun as SUMMER would have been. I miss it. I miss it so, so much. Today, when I was out mowing the lawn (fun factor: 0) I realised we haven’t had our wooden picnic table and chairs, which we got for our wedding, out AT ALL this year. Last year we got it out once, but it rained that day, so it doesn’t really count. And then it rained for the next two months. Annoying!

At least I’m prepared on the coat front, though. Whew!