Virgin Media come good

Just a quick update on the Virgin Media/Broadbandgate saga I posted about last month… After my epic rant on the subject of how our Internet connection had died (Oh, the humanity!) and Virgin staff had hung up on Terry, Virgin did actually get in contact with us, and I thought it only fair to update here to say that we’re now totally happy with the service, and Best Friends Forever again.

We’ve now exchanged a few emails with the complaints department, and Terry spent some time on the phone today with a very helpful man from Virgin, who went through what had happened with us, and not only apologised again for the service we encountered, but explained why they won’t send out a network engineer until a certain number of calls have been received. Apparently there are sound technical reasons for this, and it’s not just a case of one person’s problem not being important enough to warrant attention, which is obviously the impression we were left with after our serious of disastrous phone calls.

Anyway, although Black Thursday will live forever in our memories, I thought it only fair to record that once Virgin’s UK headquarters were aware of the problem, they did their very best to resolve it with us, and to make us happy customers again, and all credit to them for that.

Also: no barking from Rubin for two nights now – looks like he really did just want a haircut after all…

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    The planets must be aligning or something.

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    and also, maybe your ranting about it publicly helped. Keep up the good work.

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    Yay! I like when companies take the time to address their poor customer service and apologize for it!

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