So, Friday night, Terry taught Rubin how to levitate:


With that mission accomplished, on Saturday we headed into Edinburgh for our friend Claire’s 30th birthday dinner. It was a good night, and not just because Terry and I don’t get out much. Seriously, we probably won’t leave the house again until Christmas. In fact, Terry definitely won’t, because today Terry somehow managed to buy a TV that’s just slightly bigger than ME. Yes.

This was particularly amazing to me, because actually, we’d just gone out so I could buy a new dressing gown. In fact, Terry wasn’t even going to come with me, but just as I was leaving he was all, "Oh, I’ll just come with you and have a quick look in Curry’s [purveyors of electrical goods, for the benefit of those of you who don’t live here} while you’re shopping." I dunno, maybe this should’ve rung alarm bells, but it didn’t, so I bought my dressing gown, and then, OK, a sports bra and a pair of running shorts (I know! Shorts! I was in a sports store and everything!). Then I went to meet him at Curry’s and discovered that in the time it had taken me to choose between the mint green dressing gown and the pale yellow one (mint green won, natch) he had somehow bought a TV. That is HUGE.

I don’t know what happened. Because we already have a TV. That fits into the living room. This one… possibly won’t. If it does, I’m thinking it’ll have to be the ONLY thing in the room. Like, we’ll have to sit on the stairs, or get Rubin to teach us how to levitate or something so we can actually watch it.

Guess we know what Terry’s going to be doing this winter, then…

  1. I have the same problem with my boyfriend, we now have not one but two TV's that are bigger than me. And a coffee grinder that cost more than our weekly groceries. Still, shouldn't complain, he just bought me a car!

    You bought a dressing down?

  2. I can see from your photo, that dogs who levitate need to have glowing green eyes. That must be why my girls (dogs) can't do it. They have glowing blue eyes. Oh well, I will just keep searching for their special skills then.

  3. Hahaha! I think it's Rubin who has The Force in him, though. Look at those ears!

    Fortunately, I don't have to deal with the TV issue, since we watch all of our shows through the computer. We did used to watch via projector, and that was awesome. Like being at a private movie theatre.

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