Yesterday, I was looking at my website referrers, as you do when you have no life to speak of, and I discovered that someone had found this here blawg after Googling the phrase, “Amber McNaught has red hair”. Seriously. So, who was it? Was it you? How about you? Because honestly, I think that’s one of the strangest “full name” searches I’ve had yet. I mean, if it had been a question, then it would’ve made a bit more sense. “Has Amber McNaught got red hair” I could’ve understood. Sort of. After all, I get LOADS of searches every month for the phrase “Has Amber only got one leg?” and it would be just a variation on that, wouldn’t it? (Just FYI, by the way, I have the full compliment of legs. Really.)  But the bland statement “Amber McNaught has red hair” seems to suggest that the person doing the Googling was already familiar with the colour of my hair, and was using it as a means to, I don’t know, track me down and kill me, maybe? Which is… weird.

Anyway, this got me thinking.  “There must be an easier way for these poor stalkers to find me than typing random search terms into Google”, I thought. Because I am all heart.  And then, as I was wasting time on Facebook this morning when I should’ve been working, I discovered that, lo! There is a way! There is a Blog Nertwork page, which the people who read your blog can all join, and then I will know who you all are and we can be like a big, happy internet family. Doesn’t that sound nice?

So, yes, you should all go and do that now. You can do it here. Now. There will be cookies for those who do.* Oh, and if you read The Fashion Police, you can also join its group here.


* Totally lying about the cookies, by the way.

  1. Smells like a trap! If I join the Facebook thingy, won't you be able to track me down and kill me? At the very least, I'd need some sort of a guarantee that I'd be well down your list of victims.

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