Bliss ‘Problem Salved™’ 20-in-1 Wonder Balm

Problem_salved_2 At first I thought there was a typo in this product’s name, but nope, instead of the more usual 2-in-1, Bliss are, indeed, offering 20 uses in one stick of their Problem Salved Wonder Balm.

And what are those 20 uses, I hear you ask? Well, Nordstrom only suggest a few of them, but I’m sure you can use your imagination for the rest. Chapped lips, straggly eyebrows, craggy cuticles – anything you think a bit of balm would help fix, this is the balm that’ll fix it. It even comes in a handy tube so you can pop it in your handbag or pocket – let’s face it, it seems like the kind of product you’d want to keep with you, no?

Buy: Bliss ‘Problem Salved™’ 20-in-1 Wonder Balm

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