Bow_headbabnd A couple of months ago, I had a really bad haircut. Then, a few weeks later? I had another one. The result? My hair is now the worst it’s ever been, and every day I face a fresh battle not to just pick up a pair of scissors and cut it all off. Seriously.

My savior during this terrible time? The humble alice band. I’ve amassed quite the collection of these lately, but my favourites remain Dorothy Perkins’ bow headbands, which come in a few different colours and are – I think – £5.

I currently have stupid, choppy layers all around the front of my hair, so the band holds that back while I normally have to just put the back into a chignon. It’s a look I’m starting to get really, really bored with now, but at least it’s better than just leaving the whole mess loose.

What does everyone else do when faced with the mother of all bad hair days?

  1. Back when I had long hair, I used to pull it back into a bun and wear an old-fashioned snood over the top (I own a lot of retro gear). Now it’s short I have to resort to the humble beanie hat. I really need to find a better way of dealing with it 😛

  2. I heart bow headbands, I have a tonne of them – including the one you’re wearing 🙂
    I wear them all the time, I have quite short layers at the front of my hair and it gets kind of annoying at work so bands make it look neater and keep me from pulling my hair out!

  3. Women and hair! Me and my hair, specifically. I never seem to learn. I wear (when I’m sane) my hair longish, one length just past top of shoulders with fringe. It has proven to suit me best. For me, it’s all about fighting the urge to go layers. Seems every couple years I’m compelled (no matter the countless hard lessons I’ve crashed through before- and past 50, there’ve been plenty) to say, “let’s try some layers.” The latest event occurred last week; finding me armed with ‘HAIR Preview 2009’ magazine and my BFF’s voice ringing in my head, “don’t do it.” Of course I now feel like chopped lettuce and totally hating it. I’ll have to be cut up to mid-neck bob length and begin my growth yet again. That’s a few weeks down the road, not being made of money- But, What is this all about? My fervent wish is to figure it out, but I’ll prolly forget why I cared at some point. Y’think?

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