Because I blog for a living, and spend all my time hammering away at a keyboard, long, elegant nails are something I’m never going to have naturally. I don’t have the time or money for the regular maintenance of acrylics, though, and regular glue-on nails are generally too fiddly for someone with my limited patience, so when two packets of Detail Therapy’s Elegant Touch pre-glued nails dropped through the door Dollface Towers last week, I was keen to try them out.

These are just like the old glue-on false nails you may have seen in places like Boots and Superdrug, but with a couple of important differences. The first is the appearance: these nails are inspired by the catwalk, so you’ll find black lace effect, crystals, animal print – you name it. I’ve been trying out the Icicle design, which as you may or not be able to tell from the blurry photos above (sorry – it was harder than I thought to take photos of my own hands!) is a creamy-tipped nail with miniature diamantes, but there’s also Stardust, which is a silver, feathered design with bigger diamantes, and lots of other designs to choose from.

More info and a short video of these in action over the jump…

The other big difference between these and many other fake nails is the fact that they come pre-glued, so all you have to do is take them out of the packet, press them onto your (clean, dry) nails, and you’re done. If you’re thinking a pre-glued nail couldn’t possibly last, you’d be wrong here: these stick hard, and they stick within a couple of seconds, so when you’re applying them you need to be careful not to let them come into contact with each other, or you’ll have to prise them apart.

Once on, they feel much more secure than I had expected: in fact, they have to be soaked in soapy water for ten minutes to get them off. Because the nails were too long for me to type with, and the designs are bit flashier than I’d usually wear, I only left them on for long enough to take a few photos, but they were still stuck pretty firmly. It only took me 4 – 5 minutes of soaking to get them off, but I’d imagine that if you’ve been wearing them for longer, you’ll have to soak them for longer, too.

Overall, these could be good for a night out if you’re looking for that long-taloned, glam look, but don’t want to have to get it from a salon. They cost £8.49 for a packet of 24 nails in different sizes, and they’re available from Superdrug. Here’s a blurry video to go with the blurry photos:

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